Photograph of an entry and a drawing in the Guestbook at Refugio de Los Angeles

The Guest Book

Closeup photograph of Marybeth Yarrow

“Refugio de Los Angeles is truly a Garden of Eden. I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world, and this place keeps calling me back, year after year. It is one of the seven wonders of my world.”

Mary Beth Yarrow

Documentary Filmmaker, Producer, Activist
New York, New York, and St. Paul, Minnesota

Photograph of Ed Bryant

“Refugio de Los Angeles has all the attributes of a park . . . abundant trees, glorious landscaping, scenic views.  Hiking trails cover the property making nature accessible in a way seldom seen on a large private property.  The variety of plant life attracts an impressive spectrum of insects, birds, mammals.  I came here to study insects but found so much more!”

Ed Bryant

Austin, Texas

Photograph of Grete Jentzen, film editor

“What a luxury to be in a beautiful natural setting with fresh air, fresh water, fresh homegrown food, and fresh medicinal plants. Coming from Berlin I found the wall came down a second time for me! Here there exists a constant flow between the inner and outer world. At Refugio de Los Angeles, there are no walls between nature and me.”

Grete Jentzen

Film Editor
Berlin, Germany

Photograph of Richard Taylor's artistic entry in the Refugio de Los Angeles guestbook


“The inviting warmth of the land and the love planted all around Refugio de Los Angeles are healing many. I go home re-inspired, touched by the Mother and full in my heart.”


Spiritual Director
Center for Sacred Studies
Guernville, California

Photograph of Stephen Earnhart, Documentary Producer and Theatrical Director

“I came here for the absolute peace and quiet necessary for writing. Well, all was far from quiet, but what beautiful sounds greeted me every day! The moonlight sonatas of the Howler monkeys, the cries of the flocks of parrots screeching overhead, the platoons of hummingbirds humming in my ears. How I will miss this jungle cacophony when I’m back in the city of sirens, jackhammers, and other urban sounds. I visit this exquisite nature refuge every chance I get!”

Stephen Earnhart

Theatrical Producer, Director, Writer
New York, New York

A family of three, Rod Bachar, Lilac and Ella rest in a hammock on Refugio de Los Angeles

“After a long, cold winter in Brooklyn, New York on assignment, we had two weeks basking in the warmth and beauty of Refugio de Los Angeles. It was an experience
we’ll never forget.”

Lilach Dekel Documentary Producer

Rod Bachar Cinematographer

Tel Aviv, Israel

Photograph of a guestbook entry with an artistic flourish.

Photograph of Jeanne Demers, author of the Ruby Books, on the porch of Refugio de Los Angeles

“Time spent at Refugio de Los Angeles is well worth spending. My creativity flourishes, my body revitalizes and my mind relaxes. This is my idea of the ideal writing environment.”

Jeanne Demers

Author of “The Ruby Books”
New York, New York

Jane White rests in a hammock on the front porch of Refugio de Los Angeles

“If the Eskimos have 27 different words for ‘snow,’ the Ticos must have as many words for ‘green.’ This is a nature park filled with wonder on every hiking trail.”

Jane White

Documentary Producer
Berkeley, California


“Daily labyrinth walking through pines and exotic trees. What an amazing experience to be here as the moon is waning and the stars are twinkling in the abundant sky.”

Rebecca Henderson

5 Rhythms Teacher
Louisville, Kentucky

Bucky Jentzen, an 11 year old, adds a little art to his Refugio de Los Angeles guestbook entry

Photograph of Wendy Bishop, biologist, building a raised bed for vegetables

“Refugio de Los Angeles is one of my favorite destinations in Central America. I visit often to research the many varieties of medicinal plants that grow there. The dedication to permaculture and organic farming practices make Refugio de Los Angeles an ideal environment for healthy living for both plants and people.”

Wendy Bishop

Pacific Palisades, California

Ken Klieber on Front Porch with Medicinals

“Refugio de Los Angeles . . .what a special place. Hummingbirds, butterflies, monkeys, all the wonder-filled trails. The yellow brick road can’t compare! All trails lead to the labyrinth and a walking meditation to commune with the angels. Fertile, well cared for land produces a wealth of food and natural medicines. I feel like a hummingbird drinking the sweet nectar of life at Refugio de Los Angeles.”

Ken Kleiber

Organic farmer/massage therapist
Louisville, Kentucky


“I came to Refugio de Los Angeles to give a three week intensive massage workshop. I expected that I would be giving more than I received, but the opposite was true. It turned out to be a wonderful, rejuvenating experience for me. All the delicious food, medicinal herbs and fruits, walks on trails that crisscross the slopes that lead to a magnificent labyrinth high on the hill overlooking the ocean and the gulf. It all worked together to create a time of healing and deep relaxation, an experience I will remember always.”

Thais Elena Fleitas Hidalgo

Massage therapist
Caracas, Venezuela/San Jose, Costa Rica

Roberto Bernstein's entry in the Refugio de Los Angeles guestbook, including art

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