Simple Living

Simple Living By Design

Part of the attraction of Refugio de Los Angeles is its relatively simpler lifestyle that creates a more immediate connection with the environment. Even people who live with and benefit from a life of fast-paced technology understand that life can get out of balance. If you are looking for an alternative to that life style, you may be ready for the natural beauty and culture of the Costa Rican way of life.

Photograph of the casita shot from down the slope of the hill

What’s Here

Refugio de Los Angeles is located on the edge of a small farming village in the mountains. Here you will find people with traditional values who work hard, are friendly and honest and who make good neighbors.

Six ladies gathered around a table on a shaded porch. Their plates are mostly empty.
Friends from Quebrada Grande, Jabillo, and New York City gather for lunch.

You will find at Refugio simple and comfortable accommodations, peace and quiet, solitude, natural beauty, fresh air and pure water. This is a place where you can let your hair down, relax, and enjoy the abundant wildlife that entertains and delights endlessly. This is a place to enjoy being on the land and working with nature, not against it. This is a place where nature’s rhythms can slow you down and you can feel one with yourself and your environment. This is a place where you can feel at home.

Photograph of a man, woman and child on a hilltop hike with the Pacific Ocean in the background.
Israeli visitors Ella, Rod and Lilach Bachar.

What’s Not Here

Refugio de Los Angeles is to a large degree defined by what is not here. This is simple living by design. Here you will not find a gated community, resort amenities, luxury villas, infinity swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, or discos. This is not a tourist destination. Also, you will not hear the drone from highways, jet corridors, sirens, industrial noise, etc., or find air and water pollution associated with urban and suburban living. And under the nighttime sky, you may notice the absence of light pollution and discover once again the brilliance of the moon and stars.

Photograph of the moon through the limbs of a tree.

A Unique Place for a Unique Buyer

Granted, the word unique is overly used in describing real estate. And of course, every property is unique if only by its exact location. But rather than use the word unique, the words rare, unusual, special, extraordinary might be more descriptive. And as wonderful as this property is, it is not for everyone. For the right person or association it will be a great find—we looked hard, and could not find anything like it in Costa Rica. But it takes a certain kind of person to love the remoteness and the solitude that creates such an intimate relationship with nature.

Photograph of a natural skyline, with the sun just off camera left and clouds in the distance, hills in the foreground.

A Private Nature Preserve For Sale