Choice Building Sites

The question is not “Where can I build?”
“Which sites do I like best?”

Photograph of a flat, cleared foreground with an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean.

Refugio de Los Angeles has many naturally open spaces, stable undisturbed ground that is relatively flat, protection from road noises, visual seclusion and privacy, natural beauty and formations, and proximity to slopes that provide natural ventilation in the building with updrafts in the morning and downdrafts in the evening.

Photograph of a cleared building pad on Refugio de Los Angeles. The ground is open with a bed of healthy grass. Trees line the perimeter, and mountains can be seen in the distance.

The size and diversity of this property allows for responsible development without compromising its character and beauty.

Photograph of a down slope on the edge of a potential building site. The edge of a clearing in the foreground, trees in the middle distance and mountains and the ocean in the distance.

Many of the building sites have spectacular panoramic views that extend to the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Nicoya. Other sites have grand mountain views, and other locations have more intimate views of hills and valleys.

Photograph of two men under a Guapinol tree at the edge of a potential building site on Refugio de Los Angeles. One man sits on a rough hewn ladder propped against the tree, the other stands with his foot propped up on a spade. Bushes dot the perimeter, and hills, mountains and the natural skyline can be seen in the distance.

The soils on the property are generally well suited for septic systems and leach fields.

A photograph of a green grassed clearing on a potential building site, demonstrating the available space and grade for utilities. The land slopes gently to the left with trees and bushes at the edge of the clearing.

Some Possibilities:

  • This extraordinary park-like property has the versatility to be maintained as a primary residence for an owner and personal guests, or perhaps be developed as a Bed & Breakfast destination.
  • The permaculture principles can be further developed into commercial horticultural and medicinal applications.
  • The infrastructure can be developed to support educational or instructional workshops and internships.
  • Conference or retreat facilities can be developed for specific interests such as writers, musicians, yoga, alternative healing, birders, etc.
  • The property could easily become home to an intentional community that cares about good ecological practices, permaculture practices, and the appreciation of harmonious living in a richly bio-diverse environment.

Photograph of the hills and the distant ocean shot from another potential building site.

Photograph of a lush foreground with trees to either side and an ocean view.

Photograph of a small cabin nestled in the trees

The site requirements for a small writer’s cabin are very different from the site requirements for a multifunction performance center. Refugio de Los Angeles has choice sites for both, and everything in-between.

Vehicular Accessibility:

This is of prime concern for most dwellings and other functional structures. The property already has farm roads that provide access via 4×4 vehicles and All Terrain Vehicles, (ATV’s).

Photograph of a light blue gate separating a farm road from a municipally maintained access road.

Photograph of a typical farm road on Refugio de Los Angeles. The road is narrow, but maintained and bordered by lush green vegetation.

Photograph of a 80's model blue Toyota Land Cruiser making its way up a hill by way of a farm road, again, narrow with lush green vegetation on either side.

 Availability of Utilities:

    • Electricity is already nearby to many building sites and can be extended to others.  Some sites that are more secluded might be better served with simple photovoltaic solar systems.
    • There is abundant water on the property and some building sites can easily be supplied through the existing water system.  Other sites can be supplied by the development of other existing year around water sources.

Photograph of small cascading pools of water, illustrative of the natural water supply on Refugio de Los Angeles.

  • Cell phone service is available in virtually all locations on the property.
  • Internet service is available in a number of locations depending on line of sight location to an independent service provider.  Other sites can use cell phone signals to connect with the internet.

A Private Nature Preserve For Sale