Existing Infrastructure

The Main House: An approximately 1600 square foot (including approx. 580 sf of covered porches) Japanese style open floor plan with living/dining area, three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and pantry, with front and back year-around porches. The house is simple and comfortable. Natural breezes moving up and down this temperate Pacific slope eliminate the need for air conditioning and heating. The temperatures are always pleasant. In Costa Rica, square footage of houses includes all areas with a roof and a floor, as these spaces are often used as living rooms, or dining rooms.

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The Guest House: Approximately 550 square foot open floor plan in the Japanese style, with bathroom, kitchen and year-around front porch (175 sf of front porch is included in the 550 sf). This self-contained casita is an ideal retreat from the activity in the main house approximately 225 feet down the hill.


Multi-purpose Building: Approximately 1595 square feet (including +/- 695 sf of back and side porches) suitable for bunk house, wood shop, general work space and/or storage. The structure includes electricity, running water, and septic system. An secure room of +/- 100 sf is constructed within the building.


Roads: approximately 1440 feet of road frontage on an excellent, mainly flat, government maintained gravel road. Sometimes being close to a public road has the disadvantage of road noise. Not in this case. There is only very light traffic when people go to work and return at the end of the day. During the day, there is an occasional car, delivery truck, or perhaps a caballero on horseback. The ingress and egress to the main house is flat and the serpentine concrete driveway is landscaped to create both visual and auditory privacy. Several internal farm roads access multiple choice building sites with spectacular views.


Refugio de Los Angeles is perhaps best enjoyed by way of its extensive trail system which was designed with functional and recreational uses in mind. There are wide trails which allow access to building sites, and to maintain the trails and to replenish the plantings that attract birds, bees and butterflies. Mid-size trails are used throughout the property for recreation, exercise, and for breathtaking views. Finally, a latticework of footpaths crisscrosses the sloping terrain for more solitary use.

A trail through the trees up to the labyrinth

Electrical Service: Major upgrades comply with the U.S. National Electric Code. This is not common in most rural areas of Costa Rica. Main power lines follow the road frontage with three 240v electrical service entrances to different parts of the property.

Water System: Artesian streams run through the property providing plentiful water for wildlife, irrigation, and potable water for domestic use. The potable water supply has recently been tested and exceeds governmental standards. Full legal titled water rights come with the property, which is most uncommon in Costa Rica, even with fully titled properties. A newly developed water system provides abundant water, storage, and pressure for current domestic and horticultural needs as well as capacity for expansion. The town’s water system also comes to the property.


The Labyrinth: A double scale replica of France’s Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth is located at the top of the property with splendid vistas. Laid out with stones relocated from the property the labyrinth is bordered with Ylang Ylang trees which are noted for their divine fragrance. It is a wonderful destination for nature lovers who want to experience a walking meditation.



Yoga Platform: An octagonal concrete platform, with excellent views in its peaceful setting, captures the morning sunrise. The covered porches of the residences also are frequently used for yoga and other exercises.

Hammocks: The hammocks are popular resting places that are located on the porches of all buildings.

Internet Service: There is reliable high-speed internet with two Wi-Fi zones that cover all residences on the property. The service is provided by a private company that buys bandwidth from ICE (the state owned Internet Service Provider) and redistributes it through its own towers to end users who are fortunate enough to have line-of-sight connectivity. Many building sites on the property also have this line-of-sight availability and other sites can receive internet service through 3G-cell phone modems.

Stephen, with camera and computer, and Loudon, with computer, view and edit video footage for uploading via internet connection.

Cell Phone Service: Excellent reception and low cost Costa Rican 3G-cell service is available. (Note: reception varies depending on make and model of cell phone, and the cell phone service provider.) Cost Rica is in the process of rolling out 4G LTE countrywide, though it is not yet available in this rural area. Smart phones can use 3G and 4G signals for direct internet access or as an internet modem (hot spot) for laptops. A USB modem stick can also provide internet access to your laptop and/or mobile devices.

Corporation: The property is held in a Sociedad Anonima (S.A.) which can be transferred to the new owner at the time of sale.

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