Refugio de Los Angeles is ideally located on the Pacific Slope where mountain and coast converge and slope down to the Pacific Ocean west of the continental divide at Monteverde. Costa Rica’s unusually rich biodiversity flourishes in this region.



Gardens with a diverse selection of orchids, bromeliads and plant life grows in profusion throughout the year around the property.



A frequent visitor to Refugio de Los Angeles commented:

“Is it possible to have so many shades of green in one place?”

stone retaining walls

The surrounding vistas on the property planted with fragrant flowers, trees and herbs are indeed a balm for the eyes, as well as an elixir for the senses.


Birds, bees and butterflies are attracted to the rich variety of plant life that provides plentiful nourishment for all winged creatures.

Photograph of a butterfly on a butterfly bush

Howler monkeys also spend many hours on the property prowling the trees in search of food and diversion.

A young howler monkey sits in a tree

Howler monkey in guava tree.
Mother and child in guava tree.
Mother and child in guava tree.
Howler monkeys in guava tree.
Howler monkeys in guava tree.

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